Feature Inquiry: Extra EXIF Parameters (Heading and Orientation)

Does the ODM Processing Pipeline (OpenSFM?) take advantage of extra EXIF information such as GPS Img Direction, GPS Image Direction Ref, and User Comment to help with the processing and reconstruction?

OpenCamera, for instance, can optionally write these parameters, which in addition to normal GPS EXIF for lat/long/elevation, you get heading and orientation as Yaw/Pitch/Roll.

If this is something that could be used, I think it’d be pretty incredible to see if things like OpenSolo/Solex could write this to the images captured, or possibly for other platforms to do so as well.

To me, this seems like a great bit of extra data to use.

Example attached:

The last I checked (which is a while ago, I will admit), OpenSfM doesn’t use this. It could be useful for initiating orientation priors and providing additional constraints, but typical (especially) pitch estimates are very noisy, which is why it historically hasn’t been a priority.

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Let’s say you get those orientation values from the flight log of a sUAS, and join them to the images in pre-processing. Would you still feel they were too noisy to be of value?

I can totally understand the concern with the values coming out of who knows what kind of platform running Android, like the example above.

Other suites use them, so it’s likely they could be useful.

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Is this Big-Major Ask™©®?

Is this something to ask of OpenSFM, or is this best handled within ODM or our fork?

I don’t know honestly, but I am guessing it’s best to start upstream first.

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This should be fun :rofl: