Fast orthophoto - real life

Hello my fellow friends,

Just updated to 1.9.6, both on my vps and on my laptop, and noticed that the new testing of the mapping software “measure - ground station” on the android platform with a 15-30 meter variation of a “terrain follow” feature, gave me a “1st in a long time on webodm” near perfect fast-orthophoto.
The software is awesome!!! Keep this version live for a long time to come!!

Settings are:Processing Node: node-odm-1 (manual)Options: dsm: true, dtm: true, fast-orthophoto: true, rerun-from: odm_postprocessAverage GSD: 1.01 cmArea: 30,275.22 m²Reconstructed Points: 113,064

Dataset can be viewed/downloaded from the link:

Thanks again for the awesome work on the webodm platform


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Looks great!

Glad you’re having success!

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