Error 3221226505

Hello Houston… we have problems here , When I made an attempt to do a process in native odm in windows 10, to get an improvement with dsm, the previous work I posted in the “split for newbes thread”, it gave me this error, I am doing it with little 4gb ram and 56 photos.


What CPU do you have?

This error has been reported a few times before, but it still eludes us because I haven’t been able to reproduce it on my Windows machine, so I’m not sure what’s causing it.

Can you provide as many details as possible about your computer? Hardware, software installed (do you run any antivirus / security software?), OS version, disk space available would help.

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Thanks Saijin&Piero this is the machine.

and is working in mode p.m.w.a.n poor man working at night, typing the ODM commands at 20 post meridian and collecting results at 8 ante meridian, can be a problem of suspension or hibernation+low memory ? win10

Yeah, I’d try to avoid letting it sleep/suspend during processing, for sure. I’ve had no issues personally, but it seems like something best avoided if possible.

As for the CPU… I’m wondering if maybe it is some quirk with CPU microcode or something.