Drones for newbies dji released the sdk for mini s

a review of the notice by Hatu

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Woah! Game changer.


Not that much of a game changer…
The camera sensor in the dji mini and the dji mini2 is the same for photography purpose; the mini 2 brings raw support but as fas as I know photogrammetry software use jpg image so a mavic mini is fine; also ocusync that would ease the log rage work (2km+), if your inclined to buy a mavic mini, grab the mini if you find it cheap (the NA version to have 5.8 wifi controller), the new features are more for creative work or long rage.

I can not talk regarding the air 2s, given that I dont own any drone in that product line.

I think that it is a game changer on the subject of photogrammetry, as shown by smathermather, making a safe drone with flight planning capacity for photogrammetry costs a lot more than a mini 2 se and it sure weighs more than 250 gr, I abandoned a project of a pmp3, poor man phanthon 3,with IMU px4 and control with qgroundcontrol, I spent more money and only had a flight autonomy of 10 minutes, weighing 1500 grams, I always had a feeling of danger. In short, I am a drone pilot with European AESA certificate for open Scenarios A1,A2,A3 and Specific Scenarios STS01 (urban areas) and STS02 (BVLOS max 1Km) and if you want a safe flight, included insurance, the best option is a sub 250 gr with programable flight for photogrametry …I only know of DJI’s offer with the free SDK for photogrammetry flight planners to be made by third parties … I think it is a good initial training option to learn how to fly and photogrammetry based on the basis that there are two types of drones: those that have crashed and those that have not yet crashed as well as there are two types of pilots: those who have crashed the drone and those who have not yet crashed.

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