Drone Mapping, Fly App for Mav 3 + Adding Waypoints


Used WebODM on 35 images to make a mosaic I captured from a Dji mav 3 the other day. It’s impressive. Have not loaded gcp yet. Mosaic looks to be reasonably accurate. Some error exists in the mosaic. Pretty good as a first pass. Yet to export and imprort into e.g., QGIS or other GIS software package

Transparency applied

Does anyone know what height the mav 3 drone should be flown at and waypoint spacing to gain the recommended 65 to 85% coverage? Is there an equation to work this out with the Mav3 camera? Have the zoom camera, not used for this task.

I have tried 50, 100m and about to try 150m flight height. This is relative to take off point point, not accounting for changes in RL. I do have some topo features to consider.

The second part of the question? Does anyone have any positive suggestions on how to set up waypoints outside of the Dji RC controller?

At present you put the way points directly into the RC pro controller on the screen - it’s a bit fiddle and not very accurate. So……I went the next step and accessed the Dji flighthub 2 (beta) and set up a project with added waypoints and followed a helpful video I found on web. By putting the waypoints into flighthub 2, you can then put into the rc controller and use the file. Yet to fly the drone with the kmz file (generated in Flughthub 2). Hope it comes back and doesn’t crash my controller and drone? The kmz file does load in the rC controller and you can view and edit them.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

Looked at DroneDeply. That’s about A$2,300 to purchase annually.

Thanks Mike


Hello @Woody!
Have a look at these resources.
and this one.
I used the Pix4D GSD calculator to generate the following table. I was wondering at what height each aircraft needed to fly at to achieve similar theoretical GSD. The maximum flying height in Canada (without special arrangements) is 120m, hence the better GSD with the Wingtra one.




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