Dji raw images instead of jpg


hello there.

is it possible to use dji raw images instead of jpg for odm processing?
the images clearly have way more information than the POS jpg compressed ones.



Not at this stage but you could convert to PNG which is lossless and then process that way. Make sure you do 8-bit PNGs.


But does png retain exif information? I was thinking more in the line of a JPG with 0 compression …



You can have all the exif data in the PNG. It’s better than JPG with 0 compression, as all JPGs are lossy, even the least lossy. But, a really high quality JPG is close to indiscernible from a PNG and a much smaller file to boot, so your approach would work and has advantages.


Well after some tests:

original JPG from the drone is 5~7mb;
original DNG from the drone is about 24mb;
converted DNG->PNG is about 56mb;
converted DNG->JPG (0 compression) is about 15mb;

I’m happy with the throw back of doubling the filesize but getting a way better JPG file to process.

For the sake of it, i’ll make a dataset with both JPG/DNG and test the converted DNG into HQ JPG (if there is such a thing) and process on webodm the 3 versions. JPG, DNG and (converted)JPG


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