Crowd funding for point clouds in QGIS

Hi All,

There’s a funding campaign kicking off to get point clouds into QGIS in a robust way, which would help those of us generating lots of point clouds to visualize them with other geographic data. It could also help if someone took up the banner one day of creating and OpenDroneMap QGIS plugin (this is not on any roadmap, but has been discussed as a possibility for years).

The campaign is here:



This is an incredibly important initiative, and is even more powerful with the rest of the work Lutra are doing with MDAL and mesh support, as well as other efforts by Nedjima Belgacem for general QGIS 3D improvements, Blender scene export (!), and even now early PLY visualization within QGIS via MDAL.

Please bear in mind that currently minimum donations are €100

This seems like a natural fit for both projects, and would fill a huge gap in the OSGEO ecosystem… I was working on submitting OpenDroneMap for consideration for inclusion in OSGeoLive, but I got stymied on some project details.

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