I don’t have a Nvidia card so I can’t run a comparison.

It seems that the cpu is used at the matching and gpu at dense reconstruction.

90 images on my Ryzen 3700X and 64gig ram takes about 3h 50min.

How much time would it take with a gpu?

do you have a set of picutes, the used parameters? Otherwise this can not be comared directly. If we run the process with high (for example) it will be much faster than ultra.


I have the images and settings, so it can be processed on another computer.

Would be nice if it was a similar cpu because of the matching.

I use ultra settings

are you able to upload image set and parameters? beside this there is a benchmark available: ODM Benchmark Data - Datasets - OpenDroneMap Community

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Maybe I should have asked how much a Nvidia card would help.

I wrote a test about CPU vs GPU with same dataset, same settings, and same computer. You can read it at ODM benchmark github. I will test another dataset someday if I have free time.

My computer spec :
Intel core i5-8250U @1,6GHz
SSD Samsung 870 EVO
Integrated Intel UHD 620
Nvidia MX150 with 2 GB VRAM
MXLinux 19.4 (based on Debian 10/Buster)

Dataset used : Brighton beach at ODM sample dataset

Time :
GPU = 12 minutes
CPU = 16 minutes


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