Can't find GeoTiff viewer

Hi, I’ve just downloaded webodm repository and install it via docker. It all works.

The only problem I’m facing is that I can’t find any place in the app (web: localhost:8000) where I can upload .tif files and render it on top of a satellite map.

As we can see in the screen shot

Do I need to install something else to get this viewer? Basically I want to integrate this GeoTiff viewer on my react site. As otherwise I have to create this whole thing from scratch

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If you want to use the pointcloud (3D) viewer you can use the button in the bottom right corner.
To embed results you can use the share function and use the i-frame option, this works for both 2D / 3D

Hi, where can I find this pointcloud viewer?
In my local installation I can’t find anything, here’s a screen shot

In the ground point cloud interface page, I can’t upload .tif files it only accepts jpg and png

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Correct, that is a current limitation of the included POSM GCPI.

You could batch convert to JPEG just for GeoTagging the GCPs.

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