Calibration target for Parrot Sequoia

Hey all,

I’ve got my hands on a Disco Pro Ag drone with a Parrot Sequoia (not the plus) camera. Does anyone have experience with this drone? I’m looking for a calibration target for it, tried Drone Nerds and they are on back order. Anyone know where I can get one? The Parrot website is not very useful as it seems you can buy things from it but I guess not if you are from the US?

I’ve never flown a fixed wing or used a mutlispectral drone sensor before so any tips on flying would be great. How important is the calibration panel? Is it just for comparison from flight to flight or is it important to always calibrate for every flight?

Looking forward to processing some multispectral imagery with ODM.


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Sadly, I never could get my hands on one.

If you wanna go nuts, Dustin Dunhill on YouTube has done some AMAZING mods to his Disco Pro (4G LTE link, Li-Ion, solar panels, etc).

Mmm, the Parrot Sequoia+ Sunlight Sensor should be backwards compatible with the Sequoia, and will negate the need for ground reflectance calibration targets.
Have you looked into this path yet?

The Parrot flight stack is pretty decent. Fixed wings still freak me out, though. I never felt like I had enough room for safe take-off and landing in corn fields.

Calibration is most important for comparing data between flights, but it also is important to ensure bands don’t get over-exposed and that the data within the flight is self-consistent, especially with variable lighting. Nothing like having a cloud going by and making it appear like that part of the field is unhealthy :grimacing:

Let us know how you get on!

Take photos!
(I’m jealous :rofl:)


You should see what I’ve flown an eBee through… it’s make your teeth hurt.


I have one converted to ardupilot with sequoia mount. I personally do not trust parrot dragon autopilot as they have a lot of fly away. Parrot support is totally weird even for sequoia or other professional products (anafi pro etc). One thing well known by disco’s users is to change their cheap original plastic servos by metal ones (emax es08II are common)

Ask Parrot directly, they should provide one as sensor is totally useless without it. I and others complain and they sent it free of charge.

Every flight : before and after
Not implemented at this time in ODM

It’s not really true, reflectance calibration target are still needed. It’s like GCP for reflectance. As you said, when trying to compare data between flights it will provide false analysis / wrong interpretation if not used

Reverse trust helps a lot ! In tropical area it’s a bit complicated.


Calibration target is not implemented at this time in ODM, it needs to be pre processed before. You can watch Micasense (original maker contracted by Parrot) tutorials to do it :


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