Calculating Flood Depth

I am new to ODM. I would like to calculate the depth of flood water at any given point. I have a pre-flood Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and would like to use drone derived aerial photography at maximum flood level to digitize the extent of the flood as a polygon, and then use the difference between the DEM and the polygon elevation to calculate the depth of the flood water at any given location. What is the best way to do this in ODM?



This type of analysis is more suited to a GIS Suite like QGIS, which has tons of tools and plug-ins to perform flood analysis.

WebODM is focused on photogrammetry and generating the DEMs or other products that one might use in such an analysis.


I have a similar interest in that we have a new pond and I have a dataset of the pond when it is nearly empty and I would like to contrast that with newer datasets where the pond is full.

Using QGIS to Automate Flood Depth and Extent Data Webinar - YouTube is intriguing and I hope to have the patience to watch it through sometime soon.


Thanks for the link to the QGIS video. I just finished watching the video and I think I can use the QGIS Graphic Modeler to accomplish what I need to calculate flood depth. I will bet you can also.


Thanks Saijin_Nadab for the information. I am a GIS processional and Photogrammetrist by trade, so I know I can do this using a GIS. I was interested if the ODM volumetric calculations could be used to do the same thing.

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