Bibliographic reference on Digital Photogrammetry

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I would like to ask, specifically to educators in the area of digital photogrammetry, which bibliography do you use in the classroom to show the basic concepts of this very large and innovative area?


I think YouTube got everyone beat on this one regarding photogrammetry, computer vision, ODM. There are a lot of articles and publish works out there. Many github projects citations can be referred to read.

For this specific Open Drone Map entire framework and specific feature list to the tech stack and processes, you will need to read their documentation. You probably can review YouTube videos already with keywords such as WebODM because it’s the UI. For students, it may be easy to load up some images with metadata and watch the log information for steps. From there, you can break the process down into details.



I’ll list some references below, but my first recommendation is the book by Carriwick et al (2016) Structure from Motion in the Geosciences. It has a nice chapter explaining step-by-step the SfM-MVS process, including the algorithms (chap. 4, I think). The book is sold commercially, but it’s not hard to find it on the interned as a pdf.

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