AWS SDK V2 enter maintenance mode in 2023 warning

Nodeodm uses AWS SDK v2 which is to enter maintenance this year.
The code should be migrated to the newest AWS SDK version (v3).

The following warning is issued:

Please migrate your code to use AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3).
(node:1) NOTE: The AWS SDK for JavaScript (v2) will be put into maintenance mode in 2023.

Thanks for the tip!

Have you investigated this change in SDK? Any known blockers you’ve seen?

I did’t have the time to investigate. I hope to have the time in a couple of weeks.
We’ll need to map the SDK usage in our code and compare to the documentation.
Those are the initial resources I’ve found.

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If you have the time/bandwidth, an issue on NodeODM’s tracker to note this would be excellent:

We also would appreciate any help getting a draft PR or other contribution if/when you have time.

Thanks so much for raising this!

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