Agrowing 450/550/650/850 Dataset

Dataset URL (Dropbox, Google Drive, GitHub…):
Number of images: 306
Left images bands: 450, 550, 650 nm
Right images bands: 450, 550, 850 nm
Size in MB: 431MB
EXIF GPS (yes/no): no
GCP (yes/no): no
RTK (yes/no): no

Adding a data set collected using Agrowing products with Sony A6000 full frame.
Why 306 images?
Since the lens is split in two. Each half has a different multi band-pass lens. Due to the Bayer filter, each R,G,B pixel is sensitive to different bands. In practice each half-sensor has 3 channels, so you can extract 3x2=6 images from each trigger (here 51 full frame images). De facto - B & G channels are identical on left and right due to the nature of the product’s filters.

Hope it helps the multi-spectral effort.