3d model .obj

how do i get webodm to output .obj and materials files.
i get a .laz file but not the .obj

oh, i have found a 3D Model option in the options dropdown.
i had seen use-3dmesh in the options but the info indicates this
is for creating the orthophoto - bit confusing.

what other options do i need to generate an .obj and materials?

well yes, that option seems to do it. in the 3d model view, there is now
a ‘Textured Model’ checkbox which makes a ‘textured model’ available
in the downloads.

i have also found this post

which is the case with my test of 16 images - the .obj has a pronounced

on another topic - associated -
finding the flag “use-fixed-camera-params” in the long, ‘frog in a well’
view of the options, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

the options need to be on a dedicated page view where we can see
everything [as much as possible on the page, design it well].

the current scrolling view is one reason why we miss options and
therefore do not get to know them well.