3D Model Creation - End to End Tutorial

I put tutorials together for a number of drone automation subjects. The latest covers creating a 3D model from mission creation through to processing and viewing the results in WebODM.

Here’s a link to the video: Dronelink 3D Modeling - End to End on Vimeo

I hope some of you find it useful. Also, I’m sure there are many people here who could offer advice on how this could be improved, and I’d love to hear your feedback on that as I’m constantly learning.


Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing :pray:

My only suggestion would be to make videos shorter (aim for 5-7 minutes), to make it quicker for people to watch without losing the essential messages, but perhaps that’s just my personal preference.



It’s funny you say that. I created a series of videos under the heading of “Five Minute Friday” - which you can see here: DroneLink Five Minute Friday Video Tutorials on Vimeo

I couldn’t really fit this into 5 minutes, so I had to make a decision on whether to break it into two videos or keep it all together. In this case, I opted to keep it together. But…I did add markers to the video so people can jump to each section if they like.

Thanks for the feedback!!


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