2 HUGE Docker files on my systemdrive ext4.vhdx


I’m new to Docker and have no knowledge of how it works.

Under /[user]/AppData/Local/Docker/wsl/ i got two more directories
/data ext4.vhdx 125gb
/distro ext4.vhdx 117gb

What is this files doing, and can I delete them?


No, I would not advise deleting them.

You could try compacting them using the Hyper-V Manager when Docker and WSL are both stopped/offline, but otherwise, they’re your storage for the docker-desktop-data and docker-desktop respectively.

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Can I move them away from my 500gb M.2 systemdisc?

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Since they’re essentially just regular WSL2 distros, you can manage them as you would WSL2.

This link has a really concise guide to do so (and some great links to other documentation supporting this workflow):

Tthe caveat here being I’ve not yet done this EXACT workflow, but I have imported/exported/moved regular WSL2 distros numerous times without issue, just never in conjunction with Docker on Windows.

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Thanks! That’s excellent.

Sorry for being such a complete novise, but where do I give those commands? :blush:

(plz, as if I’m 5 years old) :innocent:

You would be executing these in either the Command Prompt, Power Shell, or optionally Windows Terminal.

However, if you’re not sure where these need to be executed, I’m not certain that messing about with this workflow is something you should really be doing at this juncture. You may well end up going from a working install to a broken one, without the skillset to fix it easily.

Please do not progress beyond this point without understanding that you might break your whole ODM installation. If you’re okay with that, by all means, go ahead. Just make sure you double-check what you’re doing each step of the way.

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