12 square kilometres of tropical island rivers, waterfalls, rain forest

Just completed my 12 sq/km map.
Another one near the dateline :slight_smile:
12 drone missions flown, 11 GCPs set. 1534 images taken. The marker in the middle is the location from where my “Jungle Commando” Pahtom 4 Advanced was executing it’s flights mapping all of that.
Tap the link bellow to view.

And as usual. Some scenery views from the area.


There are certainly worse places to fly!

Gorgeous stuff!

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The worst place to fly on Earth is the one that crosses international dateline.
I am probably currently holding worlds record of longest drone flown distance in one flight :joy:
16000+ km in one flight because DJI software counts crossing dateline and crossing it back as a trip around half of the Earth or something.

That’s my total mileage recorded by DJI so far: 125162592 ft which is roughly 38000 km

But that’s the funniest part of it.
The sad part is. Some amateur and professional drone pilots who flew there before lost their drones when drone was crossing the dateline executing automatic mission or called to “Go Home” after crossing the dateline. It just start going home trying to fly in the opposite direction around the Earth. Not sure about others, but DJI drones loose their consciousness for a couple of minutes and just hang in the air trying to regain it, before making their silly decisions if they cross international dateline. I have funny flight logs kept about such situation :slight_smile: Luckily I crossed the dateline while on sticks, still accidentally, so I just brought the drone back myself.

That’s the 5 sq/km map that overlaps international dateline

By the way. WebODM does not show the result if it process such map. You can only download it and open in something like QGIS or upload in MapHub :wink: to be able to view it.


Yeah, you shook us up when you showed us your first data, haha.

Feeling like helping us fix our map view widget to allow this :wink: ?


I think that is a definition of a “edge case”. International date line crosses land only in Antarctica, Fiji and a bit of Russia’s far East Chukchi peninsula near Bering Strait (quite remote and hardly populated Arctic area, just like Antarctica. I wonder if anyone else apart from myself had to map a piece of land overlapping the 180 meridian.
Nevertheless, not sure how it’s done in QGIS, in MapHub we just slice the geoTIFF in two parts along the dateline checking if it touches 180 meridian. Then we place each halves on their side of the map. There is a tiny pixel wide stitch between the parts where the actual dateline goes, but it’s not or hardly visible.
The attempt of slicing and placing elevation contour vectors in similar way was real pain in the butt so we left it for now…
I don’t think more sophisticated solution would be wort the effort solving this, since nobody faces such problem regularly.
WebODM I am sure got more important problems to solve.