100+ year old house

The original house on the property, built over 100 years ago, but now falling down.

[Camerons Road - 24/06/2022] 279 images 22:05:59

|Options:|auto-boundary: true, dem-resolution: 1, dsm: true, feature-quality: ultra, gps-accuracy: 6, mesh-octree-depth: 12, mesh-size: 300000, min-num-features: 20000, orthophoto-resolution: 0.4, pc-filter: 5, pc-geometric: true, pc-quality: ultra, use-3dmesh: true|
|Average GSD:|0.21 cm|
|Area:|1,572.89 m²|
|Reconstructed Points:|342,000,893|

It’s quite a large download, so might take a while if you have a slow connection like I do.

There are a few bits of incorrect texture, but I’m generally happy with the result :slight_smile:

I also ran the dataset through using ORB feature extraction, ultra/high, and that only took 1h 31m, and the result was nearly as good as the above.

It was a bit windy, so the long grass was moving around a lot, and the sky had patchy clouds moving across fairly quickly, so the partly shaded building was in and out of sunlight.


Nice one :+1:


Awesome! :+1:


Camera positions

The high images were done with Litchi, flight plan prepared at home, from a height I thought should be above the trees. Once on site I was able to fly manually all around the house, to avoid the trees and a power pole + guy wire

The ortho