Zombie Processes

Hello all I tried to search to find a solution but not seeing much on it.

I have a small prof of concept server going built with the community scripts, and when running jobs it will collapse and quit, or work.

One thing I have noticed is a lot of zombie python processes… is this normal?

Thank you

Z 19957 2313 python
Z 19957 20137 python
Z 19957 20801 python
Z 19957 22223 python
Z 19957 24389 python
Z 19957 24419 python
Z 19957 27610 python
Z 19957 29202 python

Can you provide more information? Like your system’s spec, the command you’re running, and what you mean by “collapse and quit, or work”?

Yeah, So this install is a virtual instance on vmware

Ubuntu server
small setup 2 cores 4gb ram
100gb of disk

It is a Docker install and it works for the most part. Even with successful jobs the python hangs and goes all zombie

Let me know! Thanks guys Really dig the potential of this software!

if I can get the small scale going a big hardware scale will be in order!

4GB is on the low side for RAM. Perhaps the parent process is being OOMd and leaving the zombies. How many photos are you trying to process? If you drop a link here to the photos (or PM me a link) I can try to process them on one of my nodes.