You must install webodm into a directory called "webodm"

I am a total noobie, and I have spent most of today trying to fix an error in webodm that it took me forever to track down. The answer to the inchoate question I have been trying to answer all day is “install webodm into a folder called ‘webodm’ and nothing else.”

My setup is: I’m on macOS, with both an Intel and an Apple Silicon machine. I have installed Docker using “drag install” (yes, correct version on each computer). And then I install webodm using:

cd <install_location>
mkdir <install_directory>
cd <install_directory>
git clone .
./ start

What I find is that unless <install_directory> is “webodm” I get the error “There are no usable processing nodes. Make sure that at least one processing node is reachable…”

Of course, if you Google that error message you go down a long line of discussions on this site, and others, none of which are relevant (or, to me, mostly not even understandable).

I hope that this helps others.

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Thanks for sharing the solution!

It’s a strange error, I wonder if this could be improved in the future.

Edit: I think this is due to how docker assigns the hostnames for containers; if you use a different folder, our assumption for the NodeODM hostname is wrong. Opened Installing WebODM in a different folder causes the node to be offline · Issue #1237 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub


Thank you, Piero, for your response. I’m glad you saw my note and that you have put it on your list of issues. Perhaps the easiest work-around would be for webodm to recognize this condition and put up a warning?


That, or use the correct hostname.

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