Xmission multispectral

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Welcome! Thanks for the new dataset!

Any further information about it?


some more information:

Number of images: 522 files
Size in MB: 848 Mb
GCP (yes/no): no
RTK (yes/no): yes
pixel : 3 cm

Including both RGB and the multispectral bands, plus an NDVI generated automatic by the camera which are as follows:

XAG001_0001.JPG - RGB Image
XAG001_0001_550nm.TIF - Green: 550 nm
XAG001_0001_660nm.TIF - Red: 660 nm
XAG001_0001_735nm.TIF - Red edge: 735 nm
XAG001_0001_790nm.TIF - Near-infrared (NIR): 790 nm
XAG001_0001_ndvi.TIF - NDVI: generated automatic by the camera

Don’t hesitate ask more equations

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