WSL 2 and Docker Desktop not using much GPU (RTX 3060 Laptop)

I have a RTX 3060 Laptop setup with Windows 10, WSL2, and Docker. I haven’t been getting any GPU usage for the last couple days, but I have been trying a few things and ended up following the steps in this guide. Now I get between 20-40% GPU usage sometimes and 50-80% CPU usage for most of the time. The CPU usage is pretty high compared to the GPU which is mostly used for extracting SIFT features… Should the GPU be used more than that?

The processing time seems to be a lot faster now that it is using the GPU some. I just am wondering if it can be used further…

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From what I’ve read the GPU is only used for two specific processing tasks, i) feature extraction and ii) creating depth maps for the dense point cloud.
One of the developers might be able to advise if there are plans to make more use of the GPU…