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I am new to WebODM. When calculating one of the first projects I noticed that the program works mainly on the slower hard disk. I would like to change the configuration to work on the faster SSD hard drive.
How can I make this setting? I use WebODM on Windows 10 (installation with the WebODM_setup.exe)

Best thanks for all hints


It works on the disk on which it is installed, plus wherever your highest priority virtual memory is, when RAM is not sufficient.
I have a 2TB SSD, D: devoted solely to WebODM, and a large paging file on C:

Thank you, I will try to move the installation and the paging file to the SSD.

can you just copy the whole lot to a different drive without losing anything (just curious)

Thank you for this advice. I have now already uninstalled and reinstalled everything. As far as I can tell so far, it now works as desired.

By the way, is it also possible to use the GPU under Windows 10. I don’t know if that helps with my computer, but if it works I would like to try it.
The GPU is an AMD Radon RX 560.

AMD isn’t supported at this time, unfortunately.

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