Windows version updates

I have the full windows version installed and it says there is an update available so I go to download it. First it wants me to load it into a completely different drive than the operatingf is on.
I changed the option to the drive I am working on, including the folder that it’s already running from.
It recognizes that WebODM is already there, and do I wasnt to download it anyway.
Do I ??
I just cancelled the update until I know that my tasks, etc won’t dissappear.

Also…what’s the difference between the Windows version and the docker version as far as features and support goes?


The WebODM for Windows installer will try to choose the largest free drive, or the C: drive if it is the largest.

You can safely redirect it to install over your existing installation.

The Dockerized version can be a bit more bleeding-edge (in terms of update speed/testing period) compared to the WebODM for Windows native version.

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No completed tasks will be lost, but currently running ones would be.

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