Windows 11 and WebODM and Node Offline

What docker for windows, should I be using? I processed 672 photos (resized) in 54 minutes, a terrible quality model, but I will work on fixing that issue. Should I try a newer Docker for Windows, to keep up with WebODM upgrades and etc.

Should I change the Docker allocations below?
Docker Setup

I am using the following setup:

Windows 11 Pro
Docker for Windows

I was having trouble with the new Docker for Windows. I haven’t been on WebODM for some time, so I updated all my software and attempted to process images. The processing nodes were offline, so I uninstalled and installed it more times than I would like to admit. I went back to Docker for Windows I know this works well and everything went back to normal.


Latest docker for windows should be fine with latest ODM docker images under Win11 as that’s what I’ve used.

Frustration mounts, went back to the new software and the processing node is offline again. The install message, notes or errors, were embedded in the Git Bash so I didn’t know what to post to get help.

This time:

New Docker for Windows
WebODM Free Install

I have a fast computer with 20 cores 64 Ram 2TB storage space and Windows 11 Pro

Try to change the hostname of the Node from: webodm_node-odm_1 to webodm-node-odm-1 (note the dashes). Is the node online then?

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I had to reset my PC and take it back to a certain factory setting, which eliminated all my apps. After that, I reinstalled the docker and WebODM. it worked, the nodes are back online. At the moment, the default, dsm and fast ortho options worked just fine. I will try the 3D model very soon and see if I get an error.


Everything is working correctly, there had to be some app or setting causing my computer to run out of memory, my computer is more than enough for these mapping projects. I need to clean up the map now, adjust some settings. My DJI Terra app, (the most recent update) created a very good 3D model of a cell tower. This project was a small park with a few buildings and structures. WebODM is an incredible app, learning the “option” adjustments are key. I may need some help in the future. I fly with the new Zenmuse P1 camera. I have several test flights to do very soon and will share the results.


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