Window, mac, linux, etc... "post"

Hello everyone,

I don’t want to worry anyone, I bring an idea, I know that maybe the work will be very important, but it’s only an idea…

would there be the possibility to separate the discussions windows, mac, linux and others?

Didn’t see this in the categories?

If too complicated, I would understand.

Thank you for everything


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I can see that helping for certain troubleshooting questions, but it might fragment discussions about processing and other aspects which really aren’t platform-dependent.

What would you like to see separated, and why?

Thank you for the quick reply,

In fact, "Mac language, linux and others don’t look the same when installing, I trained a person in photogrammetry and he had a PC, not a Mac (nobody’s perfect :joy:) and when he installed webodm, he didn’t have the “worries” of python, docker, etc. In fact, it was simply to “facilitate” exchanges between members.

But I completely understand, “the hassle” to set up

Thank you and good day


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A concrete case of the world that separates us :wink:

don’t complicate things if it’s too much work. The site is already a fantastic mine of information.

Thank you



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