Why my project is stay at contours preview more hours

why my project is stay at contours preview more hours
my pc
cpu 3500x
gpu 1660s
ram 16g


Click on the garbage bin icon on the lower left to make it go away.

No no no,i want this model can be run succsse, that i just want to know that why the contours so slow.

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ok thank you anwser , i find the problem what i have , maybe it’s because I set the precision too high and the area is too large


Ahh, I see.
0.5m is too small an interval for a large area, try 5 or 10m.

This is currently not well multi-threaded, so it will take a long time for high-detail and large areas.

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hah,yes it‘s my bad :joy:
in my project dont need more accurate contour drawings.
by the way thanks your answer


Yeah, maybe i can call teacher to give me more money to rent the server if he needs more precision


That’s one way for sure!

You can always calculate them afterwards in something like QGIS, as well, which should be multithreaded.

yeah , but i think maybe this program can match my drone flight control system,But before that, I should deal with this part of the crawler driver to solve the problem of subsequent data transfer, he will act as a bridge on my PC to link my backend (webodm) and my drone data transfer port .

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