Why I give up in pix4D and need webOdm

I started to use pix4dfields to process my data. When I build a orthomosaic photo, I put some annotations in it. And upload it to pix4d cloud. Then I imported the annotations into cloud, all the name are lost. I reported to them. After 8 months, I use the same function, the problem is still there.
I reported it again. They answer me to open the anno file and use txt editor to add the name manually.

From that, I know pix4d doesn’t listen at all.

After some research, I am lucky to find webOdm can do some similar job. After very difficult try it, I figure it out that it doesn’t support my drone.

I report it to webOdm and share my datasets couple months ago.
I understand some issues need to be fix, and it would takes time.
After months, it still can’t support my drone.
And I don’t know it will or will not support it in any way.
This make me feel very sad.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble.

Unfortunately, the scale of the two organizations are quite different.

Pix4D might be too large to really listen, whereas OpenDroneMap might be too small to actively respond quickly to each request with improvements.

There are limited resources to work with and trying to balance that with being responsive is not easy.

I hope you can hold on to your patience longer, or if not, help us organize a crowd funding campaign to get wider multispectral support development paid for.


Yes, strictly speaking, OpenDroneMap has no organisation (yet). It’s more a project around which people and organisations organise, as opposed to pix4d which is fostered by a single private corporation.

We will be moving OpenDroneMap to an organisation. This will help us resource needs like this, but also create clear governance and process. We can expect under such structures, we could have somewhat predictable timelines for feature requests as well.

I am transitioning between employers, but once I have my feet under me, we’ll continue the process toward having an organisation that can provide this structure. Stay tuned!


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