Why does the process hang on a random image during reconstruction?

I have been trying for a week, I have only had one successful run, since then the process will run but will sit on a random image in reconstruction for several days. What am I doing wrong? I have 20 gigs of ram allocated and 6 cpus.

2018-04-01 02:16:34,838 INFO: DJI_0515.JPG resection inliers: 391 / 406
2018-04-01 02:16:34,842 DEBUG: Ceres Solver Report: Iterations: 5, Initial cost: 5.634276e+02, Final cost: 5.496942e+02, Termination: CONVERGENCE
2018-04-01 02:16:34,842 INFO: Adding DJI_0515.JPG to the reconstruction

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Also I am using all default settings.

I also have had this problem. Usually I let it run for a bit and then when it seems it’s been processing for too many hours I get frustrated and delete the task or project. But this time at 23hrs processing for 350 images, I just closed out of all my programs and shutdown the computer.
When I started WODM again and got to the webpage it said the task was complete with a total runtime of about 18hrs. I was able to view the image in WODM and also download the mosaic.
It would be interesting to see if you are able to do the same. Perhaps it’s a “pseudo-hang” and the processing has completed many hours previous but is not indicated.
I’m running a 444 image task now so I’ll let you know if the same happens.

Just processed the 444 image task. It indicated in the progress window that it hung at a certain image. However, after giving WODM plenty of time and then shutting down my computer WODM indicated that processing was complete. It was complete and I was able to download the finished mosaic.
It is annoying that I have to do this and guess when it should be finished. Mostly a waste of time as I give it plenty of extra time when I could be processing other imagery.

This is likely a bug. Could you open an issue on https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues and reference this thread, along with any information that could help us reproduce the problem (please indicate the specs of your machine, how much memory you have, CPUs, operating system, browser, etc.)?

Thank you.

Okay. Will do. I’m uploading the images now so others can take a look.
Thank you!