Why add custom parameters failed in ODM 2.2.1

I am adding some custom parameters with command line in ODM latest version 2.2.1
Parameters as follows:
–dsm --orthophoto-resolution 1 --feature-quality ultra --depthmap-resolution 1800 --use-3dmesh --mesh-octree-depth 12 --dtm --dem-resolution 4 --min-num-features 80000 --texturing-nadir-weight 32 --mesh-size 300000 --camera-lens brown --texturing-data-term area --ignore-gsd
I don’t know which caused this error, were those setting parameters?

Thank you so much!

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I think --dsm would be the correct syntax (two hyphens)

I see again carefully, the dsm was the correct syntax

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This one has been removed in 2.2.1.


Thanks! Were others parameters correct? How much physical memory does 140 pictures need?64GB enough?