Who is Matis?


My name is Matis, I am currently in college for a bachelor in forest and nature management. I have taken a GIS minor, where I want to do research on drone mapping and how it relates to forest and nature management.

Greetings, Matis


Fantastic. Welcome Matis.


My Remote Sensing Professor (and thesis advisor) was a Forest Managemnt guy.
Awesome field, awesome work!

Welcome, enjoy, and post some stuff if you get a chance!


Thank you, I will post my end results. My plan is to analyze the heather fields that are common in the area where I live. Due to high nitrogen deposition, the heather plants get outcompeted by multiple grass species (mostly Molinia caerulea) and pine trees. I want to map the heather fields, and find out which areas have been degraded, without having to manually select all the grassy areas and pine trees. I am still unsure how I can do this, but I will keep you updated.


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