Which (smartphone) app do you prefer?

Hello ppl!

We all love WebODM - but what app are you running when doing the mapping? I have used DroneDeploy but wanna know what other people are using.

Take care! //B

Using the same here, if I’m flying DJI anyway.

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pix4d capture with mavic 2 pro.
Simple and intuitive.


When I was flying DJI it was always Map Pilot (from MapsMadeEasy). The terrain follow was great, and always very reliable.

Now using a Yuneec H520 so have to use the inbuilt DataPilot app which is great for surveys. They’ve not long added corridor scan (roads, pipelines) and structure scan (buildings). Pix4D is available but not nearly as fully featured for the Yuneec.

The app I use was also determined by which ones would let me extract flight logs so I could upload to DroneLogBook.