Which flags for higher resolution point cloud?

I work with a lot of vertical surfaces. Lakeside bluff faces, erosion, etc. 99% of my ODM processing has so far been with one of the default configurations: Default, High Resolution, or 3D Model. I am still largely ignorant of what the individual processing flags do, but I’m ready to start learning.

The LAZ point cloud is the output that’s most useful to me at the moment. If I want to maximize resolution of that output, which flags should I start experimenting with? It’s OK to add processing time. I have a fairly capable processing machine and long job times are OK. Most of my datasets are <300 images.

A couple of photos of the meshed models, just to give you an idea of the kinds of stuff I’m working with. I don’t need to improve these specific models - just ready to learn a bit more.


pc-quality set to ultra is a good start.


Great tip, TY. This is a good dimension to explore in the benchmarks, too.

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For sure. This has exponential implications for depthmap calculations and some downstream effects, so for some projects it could effect timing quite a bit.


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