Where to search for an ODM consultant?

I’m somewhat less than satisfied with my results over the past few months, and I’m pretty sure the root cause of that is my lack of complete understanding of what I’m doing.

I would like some professional assistance, and I’m willing to pay market rates. I can draft a request for proposals listing out my needs and wants in a reasonable amount of detail including an estimate of how much time I think it’ll take, but I can’t tell if that’s something that’d be appropriate on these forums, or if I should take it to Reddit or what. Help?


This is actually a very good question, I wonder if we should have a page similar to QGIS’s Commercial support that lists contributors / entities that can provide this type of commercial support (thoughts?)

I’m currently unable to take on additional consulting projects (unfortunately), but I know there are other people here that might be available.


I like it! I know they vet some of the listed companies, and they have guidance on how to handle everything else, so it seems like a really well-thought out model we can build on.


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