Where’s the UI code…?

I’m trying to learn where the code is on GitHub, trying to locate the UI code but can’t find it.

Anyone have a map?:smirk:

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No map, but it is throughout the WebODM repository (mostly in the JSX files, I think):

I’ve searched and searched but I’m a little lost.

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I don’t understand it very well, but what I did to adjust the Load Boundary Button was use the GitHub search feature to look for the UI text for the item I wanted to edit, and then poke around all the results until I found what I needed.

That’s how I did this:

I’m sure there are better processes, but frankly I don’t know enough Web-Dev to know them :grimacing:

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What editor did you use?

I’m on windows, don’t hurt me, so I looked for one.
Found one that’s for jsx only but can visualise while you code.


I’m (mostly) on Windows too (but all my Docs work is from my Linux-top since GNOME Builder supports rST better than anything else).:person_shrugging: Use what works for you!

For Windows, I typically use Visual Studio Code since it is easy to set up, easy to get Linters and code checkers, and is just nice to work with (IMO).

I did not have live preview, though! What one did you find? That’s really neat!


Seams nice

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Downloaded desktop GitHub for lazy people like me and cloned WebODM. It was easier to search for *.jsx, found them all!


I probably have to learn JS and react!:grin:

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I mean, I’d say it couldn’t hurt but I’m finding them painful :rofl:

Painful, why?

I do hope it’s not like Java because I hate Java. I like python and scheme!

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I’m mostly joking, but to be honest, I’m just a very poor programmer. I’ve bounced off numerous languages over the years and I frankly struggle with it.

Python is the best I’ve done with any of them because it reads easier to me.

The JSX doesn’t look too bad for reading/editing, but I don’t think I could write from scratch any time soon.

You’ll likely fare much better with your familiarity with other languages :slight_smile:

Try a functional language like Racket, it’s healthy!


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