Where can I download the mac Installer?

Hi everyone,

I just purchased a WebODM installer for mac but didn’t see and download starting. How can I download this installer after purchasing it?

Thanks alot,

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You will get an email from us with the link.

If it doesn’t arrive, reach out to [email protected]

Thank you very much for the the quick update, how long does it normally for the email to arrive?

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Usually within minutes, but many email providers put our messages into Junk/Bulk/Spam, so please check.

I had checked that but nothing there. I’ll send a mail as per your suggestion and see how that goes.
Thanks a lot.

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I just received the email so I am all set.

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A lot of email servers also use postgrey (greylist for postfix email server), which rejects the sending server to send it again with a special error code. This is to reduce spam as spammers usually don’t set this stuff. So sometimes it takes awhile for the initial request to be received, instruct sender server to resend, server resends email, if the headers match, it gets picked up as a new email. This is only for the first email received from that email account. Subsequent requests go straight through. I often have to wait 10-15 minutes to get initial emails from accounts I haven’t interacted with in the past.