Where are task assets stored and can I transfer assets to another machine running WebODM?

Hi my question is very similar to this one, but I am not using any Python SDK and this is not necessarily cloud based. I would like to know if there’s an easy way to share task assets across multiple machines such that a task which was done on one machine can be viewed on others using WebODM?
If this is not possible, where are the current assets stored once they are processed? Do I need anything to be able to display them on a remote WebODM instance? (I am currently only using the public facing potree iframe, this seems to use only the task ID and not the project ID). Any help, or alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It is my understanding that you can can upload the all assets zip file to another machine for displaying the results. You have to create a project and use the import option, located between the ‘Select Images and GCP’ and ‘View Map’ buttons.

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