When WebODM displays "Compressing all.zip"

I was puzzled by this message for a few days, and kept waiting for “Running” to be replaced by some indication of completion.

However apparently the Project had completed, at least to a useful stage for me.

Check C:\WebODM\resources\app\data\media\project(your project number)\task(for your Project)\assets(look around in the folders…).

At any point, did your computer sleep, or did WebODM freeze/lock up? It is possible it dropped the connection to the processing engine in the background and didn’t receive further status messages.

I am not aware of my computer going to sleep at any time. I do not recall seeing any messages about a freeze or lockup. In general, I just wanted to share, so that others don’t bother waiting, and go check to see if they already have what they need from WebODM.

If/when this happens again, grab the app.log (without closing/restarting the application) from the Tools → View Logs and post it here?

I’m not sure why it keeps happening :slight_smile: but this bug has been very evasive and has been reported before.

You wouldn’t get a message, really, but you might have noticed the window hazing-out and the window title changing to include (Not Responding), like this example:

It’d have been logged in the Windows Event Viewer, but if you weren’t sitting & watching the whole process, it very likely could have happened, recovered, and been back to normal by the time you saw.

I’m familiar with Not Responding :slight_smile: however I’ve never seen that happen when using WebODM.
If this happens again (I’ve seen the other reports), I will post from Tools → View Logs.


See attachment. I decided to dump all of my Projects, in hopes that the next one I start will upload images. Not sure what is happening, but I will wait a few days and try another project, or uninstall and start over.

I appreciate the debugging work, which must be frustrating when a bug appears to be “intermittent”, whether it is or not.

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Deleting all of my Projects allowed me to exit WebODM, the open and start a new Project.

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I reported on this a couple of weeks ago, and found the images buried deep in the directories as you say. However, when I tried to import the zip file in order to view the DTM and DSM, nothing happened, it just set there for over an hour before I gave up.

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That sounds like either an incredibly massive project, or possibly an incomplete one…

Are you able to provide a link to the dataset above (Sunlight Beach Road) on dronedb.app or another cloud hosting provider so I can take a poke at it?

saijin_naib, Were you commenting on Gordon’s comment?

Yes, sorry. I didn’t thread things right :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you attach it to this thread? (I don’t see it)

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I picked the Upload icon… did not see a way to add an attachment. The image of the attachment is inserted in the content of my comment. How do I do an attachment?

You did it right, but we need the app.log file (you can rename it app.log.txt if the forum software complains) by going to Tools → View Logs.

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I see no path with ‘Tools’, and adding .txt was rejected. Uploading file with .pdf added. app.log.pdf (396.7 KB)

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OH… you meant in ODM, not on this forum…

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I’m not in any hurry. Won’t be replying to messages for a couple of days. Thanks.


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