Whats the point of posting problems on Github

I reported a problem that I was/am having on Github just over a fortnight ago, and still no response, so what’s the point, even just some sort of acknowledgement, like thanks for your report we’ll look into it and get back to you, would be nice

Hi @MartinR,

Generally speaking, most free and open source projects aren’t as lucky as OpenDroneMap to have both such an active volunteer community and folks who have some funding and resources to respond to tickets, feature requests, bug reports, etc.

In the case of many projects, there are a lot of downstream projects that use it (like WebODM uses Potree) and not enough resources and support flowing back into the to those upstream projects. So: let’s be compassionate in appreciating what projects like Potree have been able to share (their code, functionality, and expertise) and not criticize lack of response.

Do you have a related discussion here on the forums or issue on WebODM’s repo related to this?

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Hi @smathermather, sorry about the negativism, I thought I had posted it on the WebODM re%po (I followed the github link at the top of main page), link to a post about the problem on here below, appreciate the help you guys on here give 99.9% of what i read on here goes straight over my head


Not a problem MartinR. It’s hard to figure out protocols that both escalate as appropriate and get the right people to see the problems we are seeing.

Go ahead and open a report on Issues · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub, fully describe what you are seeing according to the template, and link to the Potree issue and we’ll see what the devs on the WebODM think. They will respond one way or another.

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Ok posted it on WebODM github Put the actual browser and OS in as whatsmybrowser not only got the browser wrong, but also the OS.

Thanks again for your help

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The issue is fixed in build 73.

Thanks to all who helped

I spoke too soon