What's new in ODM? (seeking feedback)

At the risk of oversimplifying the incredible work that Piero, Stephen, and others have put into ODM in recent years, I am attempting to distill a “What’s new in ODM” list for an upcoming conference presentation. Here’s what I have. Any favorites? Anything missing? (The audience is academics and researchers who have not used ODM recently, or are not familiar with it.)

Key ODM Updates 2019-2021 - in no particular order

  • Quality Report
  • KMZ Export
  • Split/Merge
  • ClusterODM
  • Processing via MicMac
  • Thermal Support (Micasense Altum, others in process)
  • Beginning GPU Support
  • Faster Processing
  • Better Memory Efficiency
  • Output Quality Improvements
  • Output Comparison – UAV Arena (Pix4D, MicMac, DroneDeploy, Metashape, DroneMapper) Compare Ortho and DSM
  • Benchmarks
  • Licensing updated

Key WebODM Updates 2019-2021

  • DSM/DEM Contours
  • Improved Speed and Reliability
  • Entwine Point Cloud Support
  • WebXR Support
  • Camera Position Display
  • Localization/International Language Support
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WSL2, SNAP packaging, Docker, upcoming native binary for Windows (and possibly Linux/Mac), dropped/simplified dependencies

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