What would you like to see next?


Hiya - only frustrated at myself, I seem to suggest features which already exist a lot :thinking:
I should have made that clearer.

I agree - adding an option for —out_crs (not necessarily named that) using EPSG codes is likely a valuable thing for people who don’t want to use proj.

I think that for most folks, yes, EPSG codes are the mainstay/shortcut. Proj exposes the fundamental stuff if you want to do something exotic (including compound CRS and all the transforms you suggest).

from my PoV, I think we can leave all the other datum shifts to post-ODM tasking, although maybe there’s a webODM option there…

I’ll have some time to tinker with ODM again soon, I’ve already done some work around aligning output with other data in EPSG:28355, let’s see if I get closer a priori using the —proj option.


Simplier interface to publish data to others :

  • One interface with gpc, nodes, administration, diagnostic …
  • Sharing project to others give link with only dataset and not complete interface


I’d like to see the ODM split/merge added to WebODM.

Although it seems that split/merge is an interim “fix” for processing large datasets (but would help me with a large-ish machine), I assume that the final goal (single job over multiple nodes) is some time off due to complexity (though I’d vote +10 to that!!!). And quite frankly, I’d sooner use my time getting better results than trying to run the split/merge pipeline manually (and why I had no issue paying for the excellent installer).