What kind of hardware configuration in ClusterODM

Hi, We want to deploy the ClusterODM, The number of photos is about 10000. The configuration is one mainframe and nineteen clients. What kind of hardware configuration should I match? The photos’ pixels are 6000 * 4000. Thank you very much!


Hi wenjingyi

10k pics it’s a big dataset :wink:

you have to consider two things:

  1. “client” - depending of submodels size.
    if one submodels will be have about 1000pics then i sugest “client” should have > 64GB RAM and 128GB of swap
  2. mainframe at the final step should handle the merge step - 10k pics is a big dataset, so i thing should have at least 256GB of RAM (i handled 6500pics data set on 128GB of RAM) and 2x more swap then RAM.
    and offcourse big and fast ssd :wink:

Thanks, what about 1000 pics?

RAM mostly scales linearly. I usually start with this doc: https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/ClusterODM/blob/master/docs/digitalocean.md

So, you should be safe with 32GB RAM and 32-64GB or more of swap, but you’ll be safer at 64GB RAM for 1000 images.


Thank you! :heart:


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