What is the best platform and compilers for ODM development?


What is the best platform and compilers for ODM development?

I am a Civil Engineer, and I am developing a doctoral project here in Lisbon at UNL and I would like to implement some improvements for the verification of topographical error and correction of camera coordinates and thereby obtain a gain in the accuracy of surveys, using ground control points.

However, I’ve been trying to install and configure WebODM and then ODM for developers on Ubunto 20 with PyCharm compiler.

As I was not successful, I reinstalled Ubuntu 18, and check that the native version runs only on Ubuntu 16 version.

So before doing a new installation I would like a tip on the best platform for development.


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Snap packages are likely easiest.

Native install is also possible on 20.04LTS with OpenDroneMap 2.x and above.

Docker is also available and easy on Linux.

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Yup. ODM installs well on 20.04. Recommended WebODM installation on all platforms in via docker, as this allows you not to worry about setting up and connecting all the pieces.


Linux (any distro that has official docker support).

Then use the ./start-dev-env.sh script. It will setup a dev environment for you and link your X11 environment so that you can launch GUIs directly from the container. Then install PyCharm inside the container and launch it from there (might need to do that from root, so run docker exec -ti odmdev bash from a different Terminal after running the script to get root).

I use Arch Linux for my daily development on ODM.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the answers.

I spent this time trying to implement the program installations according to your guidance; however, I still have some doubts.

  1. Should I install PyCharm inside Docker or configure it for debugging in Docker?

  2. Is it possible to access the codes for editing and programming ODM or WebODM, inside the Docker containers?

  3. Regarding WebODM, are the codes for image processing and topography generation in Python? What folder are they located in?

  4. OpenDroneMap 2.x how to download this program.


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