What does this error message mean?

Hi WebODM Community,

A project failed 1 minute into processing with the following message:

11569a49-a883-4af1-9b0a-adcb684c8049 not found .

Does anyone know what this would be for? I used the Hi Resolution setting. The default setting was successful. 410 images inc gcp_list.txt file. I also specified Brute Force. Windows 10 w 64gb ram.

Thank you for taking the time to reply this.


Just an update on this last processing job. I ran it again and did not Brute Force it and it completed.

Ill try it again with Brute Force and see if it fails again.

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So this time , even with Brute Force it completed. There were some other variables (that I thought were minor) I set that I will have to check on to see which may have triggered that earlier error.

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