What does "Not Enough Memory" mean? - first project

Not a great start - RAM on my mac, HDD, cloud, virtual…? What?


Means pretty much what it says on the tin.

May I ask what the specs of your Mac are, and how you have WebODM installed?

So what memory does this message refer to?

It’ll be either complete system RAM or RAM allocated to your Virtual Machine/docker, depending upon your install type.

If you click on processing nodes, then choose your local node, it should give you a nice dual circle-graph of storage and memory.

Can you screenshot that and include it in your reply?

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Hi Saijin, first - thank you for responding so quick to my post last night (my local time).

Here are my Mac specs:

| Model Identifier:|iMac18,3|
| Processor Name:|Quad-Core Intel Core i5|
| Processor Speed:|3.4 GHz|
| Number of Processors:|1|
| Total Number of Cores:|4|
| L2 Cache (per Core):|256 KB|
| L3 Cache:|6 MB|
| Memory:|8 GB|
| System Firmware Version:|429.|
| SMC Version (system):|2.41f2|

I recall a note about 8GB RAM being minimum. I guess that could be my problem, I think it is upgradeable in this model.

Type of install - I do not know, other than the WebODM Manager is in the Applications folder, I run it from there, and it opens the dashboard in the browser.

And my storage graphs are in the Diagnostic window, attached.

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You can probably allocate some more memory to docker. See macos - How to increase docker-machine memory Mac - Stack Overflow


Thank you, yes, I just found these exact instructions right before I found your post. Docker is restarting now.Fingers crossed.


OK, found the Task Output screen at the upload window, suggested upgrade RAM, use a different node reduce number of images and/or alter image size. Just working through these.

Is there any documentation about recommendations for these items - ie - “uploads are usually limited to about 60 photos at x size, to upload more you need xGB of RAM etc”?

Also created a Lightning Network account.

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55 images on the Lightning node.

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If you can, I’d try maxing out the RAM with an upgrade. You’re not going to be able to allocate much more than 4GB to docker and keep the host OSX stable, so pretty insufficient.

Lightning interruption does happen, but normally only over wireless links with spotty quality.

Are you able to wire into your network?

Thank you for this, time has flown but I have tripled my Mac’s ram and connected via ethernet to the network router. I am working through the documentation now.



Time always does.

Let us know how you get on!

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