What am I doing wrong?

Hello all,

I had a question regarding a 3D model/DEM models it seems that the 3D mapping models and DEM models are bowled and that is not how the elevation is, attached is what i am referring to, please help me! thanks!

Above is the bowled one
Below is the one more accurate.

What is your sensor and flying pattern? This is a lens calibration issue, which OpenDroneMap is better than most everything at, except for a certain subset of sensors and flight patterns.

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Flight pattern is just the normal lawn mower style, as far as the sensor it is a Mavic Air 2. If it makes a difference I flew the Bottom image at 90 degrees and the top at 80 degrees pitch

What’s your flight speed? The Mavic air doesn’t have a global sensor, so stopping at each point is recommended, at least until we add a rolling shutter correction to OpenDroneMap.

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13MPH @ 285ft – Shutter speed was at 1/800s to 1/1100s I have an idea that might’ve caused this I am checking into atm will lyk if it was the issue, Thanks for the help btw. I did run the images through lightroom and ran detail enhancement on it and It could cause this im sure…

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Just ran the un-enhanced images (the originals before running them in lightroom) they turned out as they should. I’m pretty sure something in lightroom messed with the images.

Aha, that’s an unexpected hitch. Awesome.

Yeah wasn’t something I was expecting as all the images kept meta data etc… I was just thinking what I did differently compared to the one that turned out great, and the only differences were I ran detail enhancement on the images in lightroom so idek lol. Tried the untouched originals and they turned out good, But thanks for the help I think running at 85 degrees rather than 80 would turn out a bit better results what do you think?

Is it possible it applied a lens correction profile as well? They are usually on by default.

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It did actually, it said it was a built-in profile though so IDK if it actually applied a correction or if it was just saying it had a built-in profile on the camera that was used

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Yeah, the default profile will do vignette, barrel, and a few other corrections.

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