Weird result with a Mavic Air


I am experimenting with different settings in Drone Deploy - now latest I switched up the over-lap to 85% to get better 3D. The result was very weird tho. I tried with both the “angle shots” and without.

Result with angle shots (when Drone Deploy take the pictures from the sides - don’t think ODM supports that)
Result without angle shots
The pictures I used for the two above

I don’t get why it ended up like this - so weird I think. What do you think?

(I have done 5+ drone mapping that have turned out OK to good).

What’s up with your lat/lon? Did you run these files thru anything after they came out of the drone? They look like the coords are truncated or otherwise highly inaccurate.

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That is a really good question. What the heck.

I need to do some testing.

Thanks MJ133!

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i had a query about the altitude. it seems to be a relative value that is meters above the ground. does anyone know how to change it to meters above sea level?