Weird Pink Block in DEM

Has anybody seen this before?

Possibly a bug because the ortho is fine.

Possibly a bug. Does it happen consistently with the same dataset?

Yes, different nodes too:

The first took 9.5 hours and the second took 13.5, which is a massive amount of time for the dataset (397 photos). Typical average for me is ~1 hour per 100 photos for hi res with DEM and 3D (I have relatively slow storage which is the bottleneck). I’ve noticed that GCPs increase this slightly, but this survey has none.

Edit: I haven’t updated to 0.5 yet so I’ll do that and re-run.

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I may have found the problem. It looks like the gimbal reset mid-flight; I think ODM might be trying to plot the sky:

Nice photo of the volcano though! We’ll get these tidied up and give it another go.

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