After webodm is deployed locally, modifying the jsx file has no effect on the program. What should I do?(webodm布置在本地后,修改jsx文件,对程序没有任何影响,应该怎么办?)

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If you’re working with docker, I think you have to rebuild the docker image to incorporate your changes.

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The docker is not used. It is completely deployed locally. Changing the HTML file will have an impact on the web, but changing the JSX format file will have no impact on the program, even if I delete the component!
Finally, thank you for your reply!


I’m not terribly familiar with JSX/React:

It looks like it needs to be transpiled after change? I see mentions of webpack.

How does webpack recompile?
What commands do you need?

Unfortuantely, I do not know. I have not worked with React before.

Well, thank you!

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you should run webpack build like this

sudo npm install -g webpack
sudo npm install -g webpack-cli
npm install
webpack --mode production

I see. Thank you!


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